Results Report

The general education assessment reports provided below summarize the assessment results collected each semester. Each report includes the information to answer these questions:

  1. What courses were involved?
  2. What general education outcomes were assessed?
  3. What assessment methods were used?
  4. To what degree did students achieve the general education outcomes?
  5. What kinds of improvements did instructors make to help students to learn?
  6. To what degree did improvements have impact on students’ learning?

Also, the longitudinal report listed below shows a trend of results in addressing these questions.

Reports by Semester

Fall 2009Spring 2010
Fall 2010 Spring 2011
Fall 2011 Spring 2012
Fall 2012 Spring 2013
Fall 2013Spring 2014
Fall 2014Spring 2015
Fall 2015Spring 2016
Fall 2016Spring 2017
Fall 2017

Longitudinal Report

Fall 2009-Spring 2013
Fall 2013-Spring 2017
Fall 2017