General Education Assessment

UIC launched a new General Education Program in Fall 2007. This program includes a group of core courses clustered around six General Education categories:

The new general education program lays a foundation for developing and implementing a process for general education assessment. For detailed information of UIC General Education Program, please go to UIC General Education Program. For information about categories and outcomes addressed by individual courses, click here.

Working with the General Education Assessment Committee, the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment developed a course-based general education assessment process which has been implemented every semester since Fall 2009. A sample of general education courses are asked to complete the General Education Assessment Form at the end of a semester through the Tk20 software system. Instructors report assessment methods, results, improvements, and recommendations for each assessed outcome. Initially (fall 2009 to spring 2011), courses were selected following a general education course approval and re-approval schedule. The instructor was required to complete the assessment form for at least one general education outcome for each of the general education categories approved for the course (if a course is approved for two categories, the instructor needs to complete the assessment form for at least two outcomes). Starting from fall 2012, a random sample method (25% of courses offered in a semester) has been used. The instructor is required to complete the assessment form for at least one of the general education outcomes approved for the course. This approach allows the instructor to focus on a particular general education outcome taught in the course. For more information about the general education assessment process and form, please visit General Education Assessment Process and General Education Assessment Form.

The general education assessment allows instructors to share their students’ outcomes achievement levels and ways for improving them. Summaries of these results are available at General Education Assessment Report and General Education Assessment Newsletter.