These forms are provided in the Word format for different usages.

The Unit Response Report Template is for a unit (department or center/institute) and its affiliated college to write a joint written response to recommendations made by external consultants. The response report serves as a basis for SCEP (the Senate Committee on Educational Policy)’s review and follow-up.

Rubric for SCEP Program Review Subcommittee’s review of existing programs allows the SCEP Program Review Subcommittee to provide a more objective analysis of a program’s strengths, weaknesses, and/or areas for improvement.

Guidelines for SCEP subcommittee’s recommendations on review outcomes is used as a point of reference when the SCEP Program Review Subcommittee recommends a review outcome for a program.

The SCEP Subcommittee Recommendation Form for Program Review Outcome is used to document SCEP’s recommendations for a review outcome. SCEP’s recommendations will be discussed at a follow-up meeting among the vice provost for planning and programs, dean, and unit head for potential links between the review findings and strategic planning.

The Follow-up Report Template is for a unit to report progress in implementing recommendations for improvement. The follow-up report will be reviewed by the SCEP.

Report Guidelines and Charge to External Reviewers for Review of Programs provides focal points for external review of programs at UIC.