Procedures for Program Outcome Assessment

It is important that you assess what was taught and that what was taught was in line with program learning outcomes. This way, the results of assessment have content validity and can provide relevant information for improving teaching and learning. This chart illustrates the relationship among program learning outcomes, instructional planning, teaching, and assessment.

To provide evidence that you have assessed program learning outcomes and used the results to improve teaching and learning, please follow the steps as illustrated in the procedures for procedures for program outcome assessment.

  1. Choose one program learning outcome at a time.
  2. Describe methods used to assess the outcome, set performance benchmarks, and provide summary assessment results for each method used.
  3. Indicate and explain the overall results of students’ meeting, partially meeting or not meeting the outcome.
  4. Identify major strengths and/or weaknesses based on assessment results.
  5. Make recommendations for improving students’ learning.
  6. Take action to implement recommendations and report the status of implementation.

Here are some examples of completing the procedures for program outcome assessment at UIC provided by program directors.