Degree Program Assessment

Assessment of student learning has always been an important part of teaching and learning at UIC. Classroom instruction contributes to students’ achievement of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that a degree requires. Course level assessment, both during instruction and at the end of students’ training, provides information for departments to determine to what degree students have achieved the expected knowledge, skills, and abilities. Departments also conduct assessment activities beyond the course level (e.g., standardized exams, thesis) to examine students’ levels of achievement.

Working with the Degree Program Assessment Committee, the Office of Programs and Academic Assessment (OPAA) has developed a campus wide degree program assessment process, which allows departments to document and provide evidence of their own program assessment. This process also gives departments an opportunity to improve implementation of program assessment.

The program assessment process requires departments to:

1) Clearly state program educational goals and learning outcomes
2) Provide evidence that they have assessed program learning outcomes and used the results of assessment for improving teaching and learning

To improve the implementation of the process, faculty workshops have been offered to program directors in these two areas. For detailed information about completing the two requirements for the program assessment process, please visit Program Educational Goals and Learning Outcomes and Procedures for Program Outcome Assessment. The Degree Program Learning Outcome Assessment Form is available in Tk20 to facilitate the completion of the procedures.

Degree programs have gradually been involved in the assessment process since AY 2011-2012. By the end of AY 2014-2015, all degree programs will have participated and will continue to document program outcome assessment annually.