Academic Program Review and Assessment

The Office of Programs and Academic Assessment (OPAA) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is one of the units in the Office of the Vice Provost for Planning and Programs (VPPP).

In collaboration with the VPPP, OPAA coordinates the campus-wide review of academic programs on behalf of the Provost. The academic programs under review include degree programs, centers, and institutes that have been approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). This review is required by the IBHE. The Program Review site provides the program review manual, which details the purpose, criteria, elements, schedule, procedures, and components for self-study.

OPAA also coordinates and supports two processes of campus-wide assessment of student learning: degree program assessment and general education assessment. Our purpose in assessing student learning is not only to document the status of student learning achievement, but also to provide evidence for improving student learning. Our goal is that UIC’s academic programs should have a sound, ongoing assessment process and be able to address these questions:

1. What are students expected to know and be able to do at the end of the program?
2. How do we know that students have achieved this?
3. In what ways do we use the assessment results for improvement of student learning?

Program directors and faculty are involved in the assessment of student learning. For detailed information, go to Degree Program Assessment and General Education Assessment.